Nice to meet you!

I'm Susanne Boldt and I can support you as illustrator on several fields of work.


Character & Creature Design

A well designed character is more than a neat placeholder for a plot. Believable "sword fodder" can improve the playing experience as well. During my education in Game Design at the MD.H Berlin (2008 - 2012) and an Internship as Level Designer for Noumena Studios (2013) I discovered many parts of the rabbit hole of Game Development. I offer to design creatures and characters for you that are up to the job of enriching your game.

Illustrations for Tabletop Games

The balance between aesthetics and functionality is very important for the development of board games. I learned the special requirements for their graphic design during the Game Design education at the MD.H Berlin (2008 - 2012). It also offered me insights into the development of game rules and the differences to prototyping in the digital industry. Together with your designer I will draw you illustrations that fit your card or board game. My specialty is artwork with fantasy and animal motifs.

Art & Design with digital media

There are several areas that benefit from individual illustrations. Contrary to the common saying many readers indeed judge a book by its cover. An editorial article can become very pleasing with the right illustrations. The right mascot promotes customer loyalty. By your specifications I create illustrations with digital media like Adobe Photoshop that support your vision.

Photo of Susanne Boldt

Write me a message. Together we will find a solution for your project!